Ambassador Fred J. Eckert

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations; former US Ambassador to Fiji and other South Pacific island countries; former Member of the U.S. Congress; award-winning photographer and writer; author-photographer of three coffee table books of images; novelist; author of travel articles covering all seven continents published in outlets throughout the world and illustrated with his images.  

When Pope John Paul II visited Fiji, one of the gifts Fiji's Prime Minister presented the Pontiff in honor of the historic occasion was a collection of images of Fiji by Ambassador Fred J. Eckert.

When foreign dignateries visited the Kingdom of Tonga for the festivities marking the Silver Jubilee of the King, the gift the Government of Tonga chose for marking the occasion was a book of images of Tonga by Ambassador Eckert.  He produced that book at the request of the then-Crown Prince and present King, who wrote its forward.

  The Pope, Kings and a couple of Presidents of the United States may be the best-know persons to have enjoyed the photographic art works of Ambassador Eckert, but his work has also reached millions who have seen his images in travel features that have appeared in major newspapers and magazines throughout the world and have been translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

His photographic art works have won awards in professional photography competition and have been selected for exhibition in art shows.  He was awarded the State of Mississippi's Governor's Award for Travel Writer & Travel Photographer of the Year.

As an advertising and public relations executive in his early 20s he wrote photography tips for Snaps, an insert that Kodak back then included with all its film processing orders.

In his late 20s he was elected CEO of the large (pop. 85,000) Rochester, New York suburb in which he was born and raised.  He later served in the State Senate of the State of New York and in the Congress of the United States.

         His exemplary performance in public office w

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